Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Norwalk Resident Letter
(Westport resident click here)

Mayor Knopp has set up a Task Force to review whether there should be a sewer extension from Norwalk into Westport. This sewer extension would allow ARS Partners to over-develop the Partrick Wetlands and would bring with it more development, traffic and sprawl.

Send the Mayor and the Task Force a letter asking them to deny the sewer extension.

Please add your own comments to the letter.

(as per the Mayor's request letters will be gathered and presented together to avoid spam issues)

To Mayor Alex Knopp and the Cranbury Task Force:

As a Norwalk resident, I want to voice my concern about the need to protect all our communities from over-development and sprawl. The White Barn Theater and property as well as the Partrick Wetlands in Westport are only two of many areas in our region that need to be saved.

The proposed sewer extension will not benefit Norwalk or Westport and would only escalate development of our neighborhoods. The sewer extension should not be allowed to go forward. I urge that any prior approvals be rescinded and that no new proposals be heard.

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