Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Halt Development

News that the White Barn Theater property is about to be developed with 13 single-family homes and a new drama school, proves the Partrick Road and Newtown Turnpike neighborhood is under assault from developers.

The Partrick Wetlands is already proposed to have 22 houses, Crawford road is completely being rebuilt with McMansions and now 13 more houses and a school are just down the road. In an area no bigger than three quarters of a mile square almost more houses are proposed to be built than the total housing starts in all of Westport last year.

This neighborhood cannot support such over-development. The roads can't handle it, the traffic will be a nightmare and the character of the neighborhood will be destroyed.

Most of this new binge of development hinges on the ARS proposal. They are planning a sewer line extension to serve this property.

The White Barn developers will tie into it allowing them greater density. More developers will see this new sewer extension, which ties into Norwalk's system, and further over develop this area as the sewer sprawls north and east.

One indirect issue with this sewer is that Norwalk is completely mismanaging their system. Nine times this month the treatment plant has spilled [ ] sewage into the river and the Sound. The DEP is investigating. Westport need not be a party to such polluting and should deny the ARS proposal to hook up to the Norwalk sewer.

Attorney Frank Zullo, who represents the builders at the White Barn, in a failed attempt to distance himself from the overcrowded and abusive ARS plan said they are not proposing a high-intensity use ... "it's not like we are trying to put all of this on 2.5 acres." The ARS plan calls for an incredible 22 houses on 9 acres within the wetlands or 2.5 houses per acre.

But density is not the only issue. What is important is this is just another unreasonable plan for a piece of land and a neighborhood that needs no more houses. The time has come for Westport to stop ARS and White Barn plans and protect this neighborhood and our town.

Bert Aber