Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

P&Z Should Deny ARS Application
Stop worrying about the courts

The Planning & Zoning commission work sessions have begun to decide the fate of the Partrick Wetlands. The problem is the commission is more worried about what the courts will think, rather than making a just decision.

They should be looking to protect the residents and not be worrying about what the courts will say. This trepidation only plays into the hands of ARS attorney Larry Weisman, who has done nothing, but threaten the town with litigation from the beginning.

Some commission members' suggestion that they approve the plan and make testing of the land for contamination a condition after approval, rather than denying the plan to allow testing, is something that every citizen of this town should reject as nothing more than political hogwash. The court will not overturn a denial to allow testing of a known contaminated property.

How can any proper decision be made without full and detailed knowledge of what is on and under that land and the adjacent dump that leaches onto it.

Conditions after approval only open the door for back room decisions, which are out of the public eye, away from public scrutiny and allow no public review.

We have already seen a condition set forth by the Conservation Commission, changed after the fact that allowed ARS to drill illegally under the wetlands. Do we want this to happen when the health of our town and the environment are in question?

First Selectman Diane Farrell said, on the record, the Planning and Zoning Commission should deny the ARS application in order to allow an independent, town paid for, third party to come in and review the land and test for contamination. Anything short of that is unacceptable and will only have all of us questioning the process and those we have elected.

Bert Aber