Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Public Water is not the answer
Letter to the Editor Westport Minuteman

With regard to Bonnie Adler's article in the Nov 21st edition, "Partrick Proposal continues to spark fierce debate", there seems to be a serious bias in the logic of the statements made by Steve Edwards, Director of Public Works. Mr. Edwards appears to support the ARS development by complementing their efforts to bring in water from Norwalk to service the proposed 25 houses on the Partrick Wetlands property. His solution to damages which may occur to the aquifer causing contamination of wells, will be to bring in water from outside services to supply, at a minimum, several hundred homes that currently get their well water feeds from the aquifer. Knowing in advance that such development may likely precipitate water remediation is hardly an intelligent way to manage the Town's natural resources. Furthermore, who will pay for such remediation? The Town of Westport will pay, I will pay and you will pay. ARS will be free of any liability and those of us who currently have great tasting, potable well water today will be subjected to depending on either Norwalk or Bridgeport for our water needs. We will not be able to govern our use rights during a crisis and we will be faced with placing a large portion of Westport's population under the control of other towns whose vested interests could be much different then our own.

With a nod Judy Nelson's remarks about the testing that the Partrick Wetlands Preservation Fund organized, the testing was performed following strict guidelines prescribed by the prestigious Brooks Laboratory located in Norwalk. Neighbors spent their own money for the testing and the samples were gathered in a uniform and controlled manner consistent with the best practices for such testing.

Jeffrey Block
Westport, CT 06880