Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Protect our Water & our Community
Printed in the Westport Minutman

To The Editor

With all the time and effort that we have expended in order to protect our water supply and the integrity of our neighborhood, it seems ludicrous to read that the Town Attorney is concerned with future lawsuits that might be brought by ARS, the developer of the Partrick Road property. No one is taking into account the potential lawsuits the homeowners will institute again the Town of Westport and ARS for not adequately protecting their water supply.

The major increase in the square footage being allowed to be developed by all the commissions involved, seems to violate the original agreements that were assigned to this property and places the aquifer in jeopardy. Specifically, we are now looking at 24 - 4000 sq. ft. homes where the 1991 Conservation Commission approved 25 - 2000 sq. ft. homes. Has the Town of Westport forgotten how to multiply? We have seen the square footage coverage rise from 50,000 to 96,000 sq. ft. This doesnít even account for the additional roads and driveways that will accompany this development. Isnít this kind of a red flag? Who is looking out for the rights of the neighbors? Even of more importance, who will be responsible should there be a problem with the aquifer and our water supply? It seems that the Town is more concerned with looking out for the rights of the intruding developer than the tax paying citizens. ARS knew what they were getting into when they bought this property. Let them build what was originally allowed by the 1991 decision. Why is it so easy for the Town to look the other way when the developer threatens a lawsuit for the taking of their property? There is no taking... they should get what they bought... a distressed property fraught with problems. In reality, ARS is asking for much more than what was approved by the Conservation Commission for FD Rich.

In order to protect themselves, the neighbors are testing their water and establishing a benchmark which will be used should there be any contamination of their wells as a result of this development. Be assured that the Town of Westport and ARS are being put on notice that any change in our water quality will be laid at the doorstep of Town Hall and ARS and appropriate legal action will be taken.

Richard & Rhoda Berke
27 Crawford Rd.
Westport, CT 06880