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Life long resident says developement is a bad idea
Letter to the Editor Published in the Westport Minuteman

As a life long resident of Westport living on Partrick road I am very concerned about the approvals and potential development of the old Nagy gravel pit on Partrick Road and Newtown Turnpike .

I have attended both P&Z and Conservation Commission meetings specific to the development of Cluster housing of 24 houses on only 9 acres of land . It seems to me that both commissions have failed in their responsibilties of properly evaluating the proposals from ARS but more importantly have failed in putting their best foot forward when the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods have tried in vain to not only be heard in the public forum , but , have been subject to arogant, and rude behavior by both commissions .I am also concerned regarding a confilct of interest on legal opinions given to both commissions by the attorney for ARS without the town attorney present . The Attorney for ARS , on several occasions , has let it be know that we are a neighborhood with knee jerk reactions opposed to any kind of development , and letters from 21 residents are insignificant . This is a serious matter .It should be at the top of everybodys list.

AS we all know the property in question sits on our water supply , as it stands now , our current wells are suspect at best for potability and many of us rely on bottled water. We all know that any development will greatly jeapordize our water supply . The traffic in this neighborhood has reached very dangerous condtions specific to walking or children trying to ride bicycles .

This develpoment is just a bad idea . It just does not belong in a neighborhood of AA , & AAA zoning . You must consider the text change before the Commission .Please take the time to consider the impact this development will have not only for the neighbors but for all of Westport .


Jamie Cochrane
64 Partrick Road
Westport Ct

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