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The Aquifer is in Jeopardy & the Neighbors won't back off
Letter to the Editor Published in the Westport News

I attended last nights Conservation Commissiom meeting regarding a new application by ARS partners for the development of 24 houses on 9 acres on the old FD Rich property sitting between Newtown Turnpike and Partrick road , in a AAA/AA zoned neighborhood . Many new neighbors spoke rearding this proposed development . The common theme amongst the neighbors was the concern for our Aquifer and what will happen to our drinking water , and whom will assume liability down the road when we as neighbors are faced with a water supply that will be so contaminated that we will be living around another Love Canal .The Commission certainly has failed in their due dilligence of this proposal/application and should consider suspending furthur action on this application until the issues regarding the Aquifer are resolved . Appparently ARS has already moved forward with some questionable construction .

Once again ARS partners submitted a half baked plan, lacking specificty , asking for more concessions , and failing at one point to properly present their plan , forcing the Attorney for ARS to stand up and apoligize to the commission for the poorly prepared presentation of the Land consultant for ARS . Earlier this week the attorney for ARS , Larry Wiesman , approached me in my gym and asked me to get my neighbors to " Back off" in our efforts to stop this development by ARS , well Mr Wiesman , as one neighbor has already stated , for every person you see in attendance at these meeting there are three more behind them .

Jamie Cochrane
64 Partrick Road
Westport Ct

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