Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

No Reason to Laud ARS
Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

There is no reason that Al DeMarco, Ralph Grasso and Steve Folb of ARS Partners should be lauded by anyone for trying to build single family homes rather than multi-family homes on the Partrick Wetlands. There is needless impact to both, but such a proposal for multi-family homes never would have gotten through the Conservation Commission intact.

While technically the OSRD could allow multi-family homes, the larger wetland setbacks, almost double in size, for such structures would have all but eliminated them in Conservation. ARS, without a care for the land or the community, is already cramming in more homes on this land than it can support.

So let's not allow any spin that these developers are offering any better solution for Westport than they or someone else could build. They are proposing to build 22 clustered homes on 9 dry acres within the wetland and in doing so will destroy one of the last great pieces of habitat and open space in Wesport.

Jamie Cochrane
64 Partrick Road