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Norwalk wise in dealing with sewer line plan

Norwalk Hour Editorial

The position that there is no valid permit that would allow construction of a sewer line on the Norwalk-Westport border to serve a 22-unit housing development in Westport is the proper one for the city to take in our view.

Mayor Alex Knopp noted that because Westport had failed to approve the site application -- a condition of constructing the line -- canceled the deal.

We are as concerned as are the residents in Westport and those on the Norwalk side of the border that the proposed development was not only a threat to wetlands in the area, but yet another example of over-expansion. Those few Norwalk residents who might have benefited from the sewer line apparently expressed little interest in tying into it.

We certainly favor co-operation among municipalities, but this was a case of the developer playing Norwalk off against Westport and vice versa.

The Water Pollution Control Agency was under no compunction to give its approval since the Westport Planning and Zoning Commission had not approved the site.

While it is possible that the applicants may return with another application, the city should be reluctant to add to the sprawl -- actually over the line in Westport -- and placing an additional burden on the Norwalk sewage treatment plant.