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Smart Growth, Regional Cooperation,Open Space-Elected Officials Speak Out
Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

As elected representatives of Norwalk, Westport and Wilton, we would like to express our support for the principles of regional cooperation, promoting Smart Growth and the protection of open space by not extending new infrastructure to create sprawl.

Over-development and the threat to open space are a major concern in the Norwalk-Westport region. This area has seen unprecedented growth over the last few years that are threatening its vital residential base, straining its roads and its ability to provide services. Multiple clustered housing developments and a sewer extension are currently on the drawing boards and more are in the offing. The character and the rural quality of the communities of this already compact area of the state are in jeopardy. Traffic congestion and safety, are pressure point issues. These problems will continue to exacerbate as the march of unfettered development continues.

We are at an important crossroads. There is little time remaining to stem the tide of growth away from our core areas where the infrastructure already exists and where growth will be most beneficial. We must promote support for the communities in the inner rings and help them to retrofit and rebuild. At the same time, we need to inhibit the continuing stretch of urbanization into the outer rings by implementing the land use principles of Smart Growth as outlined in the Blue Ribbon Panel report.

We urge everyone to attend the public hearing on the State of Connecticut's Blue Ribbon Commission report, this Thursday January 29, 2004 at 6:30pm in the Norwalk City Hall.

Judith Freedman
State Senate 26th District

Toni Boucher
State Representative 143rd District, Norwalk

G. Kenneth Bernhard
State Representative 136th District., Westport