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Norwalk Meet with Westport to Rescind

October 10, 2004

To the editor:

Norwalk officials have been approached by Westport officials regarding an opportunity to rescind a prior sewer approval which will have a considerable impact on the Cranbury and Partrick areas (Advocate news story, Oct. 2). It is clear that developers, and not the residents of these areas, want the sewer brought into the area, as it provides more building opportunity.

Neighbors are opposed to the sewer extension, as it will lead to overdevelopment, such as cluster housing, which will impact the quality of life and rural atmosphere. This opinion was voiced by many Westport and Norwalk residents at a recent WPCA meeting in Westport. Westport officials listened to feedback from the neighbors and decided the right course of action was to contact Norwalk officials with the purpose of meeting to discuss the possibility of rescinding a prior sewer approval.

This is a great opportunity for Norwalk to meet with Westport to regionally coordinate on an issue that impacts both areas.

I urge the appropriate Norwalk officials to listen to the Cranbury residents and take this opportunity to meet with Westport in an effort to do what is right for the people who live here. As a resident in the Cranbury neighborhood, I would like to hear from Mayor Alex Knopp on this important topic and how the city will respond to the meeting request from Westport.

Liz Halpin