Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Impressed by Support
Letter to the Editor Published in the Westport News

To the Editor:

You have been reading weekly accounts of a developer's effort to build 22 houses on the wetlands off Partrick Road and Newtown Turnpike. There has been a remarkable, well-mounted, spirited opposition to this application. The Planning and Zoning Commission still has the matter under consideration but they have been given live, factual ammunition with which to shoot it down if they will.

I want to thank the Partrick Road Group and Matthew Mandell in particular and Sean Timmins, his able lieutenant and Michael Bologna, the attorney for the group. The citizen turnout at the hearings has transcended neighborhood boundaries. People appeared from all over town and spoke their opposition, some with charts and facts and figures and all polite, some with disciplined anger. It was the most impressive hearing I have ever participated in.

Let's not forget a laurel for the Planning & Zoning commission whose patience seems infinite and for the press who have given wonderful coverage, and for the P&Z Staff who organized the basic issues so carefully.

The hearings are not over but if the developer gets what he wants I would be amazed. Stay with us for the next installment.

Sidney B. Kramer, Chairman
Save Westport Now