Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Westport P&Z, you're invited to meet with Norwalk to discuss overdevelopment

To Kathy Barnard, Director , Ellie Lowenstein Chairman, and the other Commissioners of the Westport P&Z

As Im sure you are aware Norwalk Mayor Alex Knopp formed a 5 member task force to investigate and review the impacts and/or need for the sewer line extension along Newtown Ave/Tpke ostensibly to serve the ARS proposal on the Partrick Wetlands.

The task force is to look into this as well as the potential over-development of the area both in Norwalk and in Westport. Besides the 22 houses proposed for the wetlands, recently 23 houses are now being discussed for the White Barn Theater Property. Suddenly a total of 45 potential houses could go up between Newtown and Partrick all within mile of each other. This is besides the rampant development on every other piece of open space in the area.

I have been informed that the task force has invited the Westport P&Z staff and Commissioners to a January 5th meeting where Norwalk P&Z members will also be in attendance to discuss the issues at hand, their views and to look for answers to this impending encroachment.

Id like to urge all the Commissioners as well as all relevant staff personnel to attend this important meeting. No longer can developments go up in a vacuum, they must be looked at in a new context of regional impact. What occurs in one town or community affects the other and vice versa. Sitting down together is the first step to protecting all concerned.

Also Id like to inform you that a State sponsored hearing on Sprawl and Smart Growth, based on the recent Blue Ribbon Panel Report, will be held in Norwalk on January 22. Mayor Knopp was a member of this panel. This hearing I believe would be a great follow up to the Task Force meeting. Much of the report discussed Regional Cooperation, the need to limit expanding infrastructure to new areas and the desire to maintain the character of our communities.

These are important times for planning the future of Westport and our area. Please do what you can to attend these events.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season.


Matthew Mandell
Director, Partrick Wetlands Preservation Fund Inc.

CC: Diane Farrell