Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community


The needed majority of two votes was recently cast by Diane Farrell and Carl Leaman, two members of the 3-person committee that comprises the Water Pollution Control Authority for the Town of Westport. Those two votes support a major step toward the conversion of Westport's largest remaining open space, the Partrick Wetlands, into a 22-house residential sprawl.

Upon casting her vote, Ms. Farrell stated that her vote "…is not a ringing endorsement…" of the project. Carl Leaman, the other vote in the 2-vote majority, voted with the caveat "…whether I like it or not…".

Now in the Town of Westport approval process there is but one more step that will determine whether this land can be protected and not developed with clustered houses. That step lies in the hands of our elected Planning & Zoning (P&Z) officials. The P&Z hearing is scheduled for May 1 at Town Hall. That hearing is open to the public in case - you would care to attend.

If you want to take a possible last look at the 56-acre Partrick Wetlands before its likely destruction, unless the P&Z saves it, here's how to get there.

DIRECTIONS: it's near Exit 41 off the Merritt near the Red Barn Restaurant. Driving from the Red Barn toward Westport the first street to the right is Partrick Road. Turn right onto Partrick and in a few hundred yards on your right is the beginning of the 56 acres of natural forest. That's what is dangerously nearing destruction…forever, and replaced by 22 closely built houses separated from one another by less distance than the length of your den.

In other words, the open space will be come residential sprawl.

Remember, it is our P & Z Committee who on May 1 will address this matter. The P&Z Committee are the elected officials who represent the residents of Westport. Hopefully they will protect us from this threat of over-development.

The P&Z wants to hear from you. They represent us. They represent the preservation of Westport. Let's all work together to preserve Westport. We expect that the P&Z will not let us down.

David Matlow
Westport, CT