Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Seeks Leadership
Letter to the Editor Published in the Westport News

To the Editor:

As I sat and listened to public comment at last week's P&Z Commission hearing regarding ARS' proposal to build cluster housing on the Partrick Wetlands, I was struck by a word leadership. It was used to describe how Westport residents depend upon the town commissions to responsibly guide the town into the future. The P&Z Commission has heard many reasons why ARS's application to build 22 houses on 9 acres should be denied, and we are counting on each member to carefully weigh all of the information and consider Westport's future before making a decision.

Last week, resident after resident stood and spoke about how much they loved living in Westport and raising families here. Young, old, longtime residents, relative new-comers all had the same opinion that this proposed development will change the character of Westport's northwest corner forever and is simply a bad idea. Westport doesn't need 22 clustered houses or more traffic. The over-burdened school system doesn't need any more students. What is in short supply is open space and the opportunity for our children to learn about nature from nature itself.

I find myself wondering if I will feel comfortable encouraging my children to settle and raise families in Westport 20 years from now. I guess a lot will depend upon where the town's leadership takes us today. Please deny ARS' proposal.

Karen Myers, Westport