Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Contamination is not OK.
Letter to the Editor. Published in the Minuteman

To the Editor:

Contamination is not OK, Mr. Edwards! I am writing in response to your quote in the Nov. 21 Minuteman where Mr. Edwards, Director of Public Works, praises ARS Partners for offering to bring in "clean, clear, non-suspect water" to some Partrick residents whose water has been contaminated. This comment thoroughly ignores the environmental and homeowner issues we have been discussing for the past 1-1/2 years.

First, Mr. Edwards, any contaminants that leach into ground water from the town dump site onto and into the Partrick wetlands end up in the Sound. Would we allow the dumping of toxic chemicals into the Sound?

It is not better for ARS to bring in water than it is to have the current problem remediated. The goal needs to be remediation and prevention of further wetland and water contamination.

Secondly, it is very short-sighted of you, Mr. Edwards, to assume that bringing water to 20 homes on Partrick solves the contamination problem. The last time I studied water flows, it was very clear that while water does follow certain flow patterns if left flowing in undisturbed ground, it most certainly does NOT follow a road. The problem probably will extend far beyond Partrick Road and to areas where no "clean, clear, non-suspect water" has been or can be offered.

Let's fix the current problem and prevent further ones rather band-aid current contaminants.

Peggy Sawyer