Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Land Steward, Funds Sought for Partrick Wetlands

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The Partrick Wetlands Preservation Fund (PWPF) today announced it is looking for a land trust to steward its 22 acres, plus funds to maintain the property.

Matthew Mandell, PWFD diector, said the funds will be used for current and ongoing legal expenses, insurance, maintenance and the creation of trails.

"We still need your help," said Mandell. "We have begun a fund-raising effort to maintain and protect this beautiful property."

The 22 acres of environmentally sensitive wetlands were donated in November by the developer, ARS Partners, to be preserved in perpetuity as part of an agreement it struck with the neighborhood association. The tract was part of 55 acres ARS had owned.

ARS had originally planned to construct 31 homes on the site, but has since scaled back its plan to only 13 houses, a 58 percent reduction.

"Please send a tax-deductible donation," Mandell said. "Your gift will go directly towards a known end, the protection of what we have fought for and saved."

Donations can be sent to: PWPF, 38 Partrick Road, Westport, Conn. 06880.

Further information about the wetlands, the PWPF and donations can be found at