Neighborhood Groups Gathering
Second Meeting
Focus will be Town Plan

Press Release - Partrick Wetlands Preservation Fund Inc.

Re: Neighborhood Groups Gathering

After a successful first meeting of the Westport's community groups, where over 50 residents attended, representing 17 neighborhood associations, a second meeting has been scheduled for Thursday June 22 at 8pm to be held in Town Hall room 309.

This next meeting, agreed to by those attending, and again called by Partrick Wetlands Preservation Fund Director Matthew Mandell, will focus on the upcoming rewriting of the Town Plan and how it will affect issues related to Westport and its communities.

A specific focus of this meeting will be preparation for the town wide forum on the Town Plan being held by the Planning and Zoning Commission hired consulting firm, Planametrics, on Monday June 26th at 7:00 at Bedford middle school.

"Many topics were discussed in our first meeting, but it was clear the most timely issue to be addressed was the Town Plan and this upcoming forum," said Mandell. "It is imperative that anyone interested in the future of Westport become involved in the Town Plan process."

Additionally, members of the Gorham Avenue neighborhood will bring the group up to date on issues affecting them and Westport.

The meeting of the community groups is open to the public and any and all residents, neighborhood associations or their members are invited to attend the Thursday June 22nd 8pm session to learn about and discuss issues related to the Town Plan and its rewriting.

For more information contact Matthew Mandell at 227-1333, or visit