Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Increased Arsenic and Manganese found in local wells.

A few of the neighbors in our community have had their wells tested. An increased and unacceptable levels of arsenic and manganese were found in the water. These are the same contaminants which have been found in the soil at the former mining area on the Partrick Wetlands.

We are asking people in the neighborhood to test their well water. First, to see if their is a problem with the water. Second, to get a baseline so if development does occur on the land and a problem arises from that then we'll know. Hopefully nothing is wrong, but better safe than sorry.

Sean Timmins has arranged for a discount on testing at Brooks Labs in Norwalk. They will supply the test packages as well for free. If you want to have your water tested send an email ( and we'll will compile the list for Sean. Include name and address.

Let's do this quickly. We have until November 13th to prove a problem to conservation. And of course if there is a problem then we will have to get the town to deal with it.

The 4 main batteries of tests are:

1. Potability (which tests for the following):
Coliform Bacteria (Presence/Absence) Physicals: Hardness, pH, Turbidity, Color, Odor Chlorine Ions: Chloride, Sulphate, Nitrate, Nitrite Metals: Iron, Manganese, Sodium, Copper

2. VOC's
EPA method 524.2 for Volatile Organic Compounds

3. Metals
Silver, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Mercury, Nickel, Lead, Selenium, Thallium, Zinc

4. Organics
Chlorinated pesticides and PCB's

Normally the tests for the first 3 would cost about $340 per household. We are negotiating around $250.

Here is an article which was in the New York Times about when a test find faults.