Protect the Partrick Wetlands
and our Community

Aquifer Needs to be Protected

What happens at the Partrick Wetlands counts. There is an aquifer that is especially important to pro­tect from development, especially at the intensity of cluster development. There is a habitat which, once destroyed, will never be replaced. Pet owners even beyond the direct area should be concerned that coy­otes in this largely self-contained habitat will be displaced into newer areas to hunt. The roads, as anyone who has driven around Partrick Road and also Old Hill where it curves downhill connecting into Partrick can clearly see, are narrow and winding. This area simply does not lend itself to development beyond perhaps the barest minimum of single family construction, even if it can tolerate even that. This is a unique ecosystem right in the heart of Westport.

How could those who bought the land fail to see that it was not typical? They took the risk; why should the rest of us, and our environment, bear such lasting cost?

We can let our opinions be known. There will be a Planning and Zoning meeting dedicated to public comment at 7:30 p.m., Tbursday, May 22 at Town Hall. We can also contact the First Selectwoman ( and the Planning and Zoning Commission (, or phone 341-1000. What happens here can happen anywhere. It touches upon us all. We are all one town.